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Fast loans for unemployed

  1. Basic principles of work
  2. Loan conditions for the unemployed
  3. Easy money loans with no job
  4. Cash loan for unemployed
  5. Benefits of cooperation with Robocash


Each person may need additional cash resources. «Robocash» offers fast financial assistance to every philippino. Cooperation with our company has significant advantages. Minimum requirements for the borrowers, it is real to even get unemployment loans with no job verification.


Basic principles of work


«Robocash» provides Philippine citizens with short-term loans for any purpose. Registration of the transaction is carried out remotely and 24 hours a day – through the official web-site on the Internet. This scheme is very convenient, because it saves the borrower’s personal time.

We provide our services on the Philippine market legally and have got the appropriate license.

All rights and obligations of the parties are defined in the loan agreement. Its electronic form has the same legal force as the standard version.


Loan conditions for the unemployed


In the company «Robocash» unemployment loans with no job verification are issued instantly and with the following parameters:


  1. Minimum loan amount 1000 pesos;

  2. Maximum possible limit 25000 pesos;

  3. The repayment period of the debt is 30 days;

  4. Possible loan amount is determined taking into account the client’s history with our company.


In «Robocash» get cash loans with no job is quite real. The company takes into account all types of borrower’s income: social benefits, business profit, income from existing assets. The main thing is that could pay the received loan on time.


Easy money loans with no job


Personal loans for unemployed philippines in «Robocash» can get individuals meeting the following criteria:


  1. are a citizen of the Philippines;

  2. age from 21 to 70 years;

  3. have a mobile phone.


To get a quick loan you need only one document - a passport. The approval level of applications in «Robocash» is 95%. Every client has a chance to have a positive decision on the loan, regardless of his credit history, income level and employment.


Cash loan for unemployed


In our company you can get emergency loan with no job in just 5 minutes. That’s how long it will take to fill out a questionnaire and its consideration. The process of issuing the loan is fully automated. To get the necessary amount of money the borrower does not even have to leave his flat.

It is enough to take a few simple steps for processing of loan:


  1. Sign up on the web-site and fill in a form. Personal information is indicated in the form according to the passport. You need to be careful and avoid mistakes to avoid a denial.

  2. Consideration of the application and decision.

  3. If the answer is positive, the client needs to specify his bank account details to transfer loan funds. That the payment has been successfully credited, the information must be relevant.

  4. Signing of the treaty. For this purpose it’s enough to enter the secret code received after registration.

  5. Crediting money to the provided details. The transfer time is from 1 to 2 days depending on the rules of the bank.


At the first contact with the company «Robocash» it is possible to agree on a minimum amount. If the client successfully repays the loan, the re-application will be approved with a higher limit. The company is always happy to work with the borrowers who have a positive credit history in the service, regardless of their employment.


Benefits of cooperation with «Robocash»


The company’s products are in great demand among philippines. For today we have opened more than 60 branches, more than 317 thousand people have taken advantage of our services. Over 250 applications are processed daily. «Robocash» provides loans not only in the Philippines, but in Spain, Russia and Kazakhstan. Borrowers are convinced of the advantages of working with us on their own experience:


  1. The process of issuing the loan is fully automated. In a matter of minutes the Robot checks 1800 parameters to make a decision. The human factor is completely excluded in this procedure.

  2. Minimum requirements to the borrower. The percentage of approval of applications is 95%.

  3. Transparent credit conditions. All information on the loan is on the company’s web-site.

  4. Documentary proof of income and financial surety are not required to get a loan.

  5. The loan is issued on one passport.

  6. No restrictions on early repayment.

  7. Loan is issued for any purpose.

  8. Our system works 24 hours a day, without weekends and holidays.


The benefits of cooperation with «Robocash» are quite significant. If you need to get the money in the shortest time and you have no job, then fill in the application right now. It will take several minutes and it will be agreed. We do not ask why you need money. We just give it out.


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