How much money do you need?
10 000
Min: ₱ 1 000
Max: ₱ 10 000
You return: 10 000
All your data is under secure protection!

We start handing out the cash! A loooot of cash!

The prize fund – PHP 100,000! And all what you need to get it – be creative!

Shoot creative video about Robocash. Publish it in social media – Instagram, TikTok or Facebook until  the May 16, 2021.

Don’t forget to tag Robocash official accounts in your post and you will get the chance to win:

✔ PHP 30,000 – will get the author of the most creative, interesting and roof-raising video by Robocash’s stuff opinion.

✔ PHP 20,000 – will get the author with the largest number of “likes”.

✔ PHP 10,000 – will get at once 5 participants, whose videos are sooo creative that we just couldn’t ignore.

Also all the winners will get spesial «EXTRA CASH» advertising contracts by Robocash till the end of 2021st!

Do you already feel the smell of easy cash? Yeahhh!

Then read the terms very closely:

  • To take part in the competition you need to be a Filipino resident, 21+ years old.
  • The video you shoot must be about Robocash – fully automated online lender.
  • The video must be published in Instagram feed, TikTok or Facebook feed not later than May 16. Make sure that your account is opened.
  • Tag Robocash’s official accounts:

@robocashph for Instagram; for TikTok;

@roboph for Facebook.

  • Do not cancel the video until the final announcement and certification of results in May 19, 2021.
  • Come out of the fantasy!

Attention everyone! Quiet on set! Lights, camera, action!

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Written by: Sean Martin D. Plantado

Author pages:
Sean Martin Plantado is the head of Customer Care Dept. and Online Sales Dept. of Robocash Finance Corp. creating articles, blogs, and other learning mediums that helps Filipinos struggling on their financial literacy. Sean also loves Cycling, Photography, Cinematography, Online gaming, Fine Arts, and dreams of becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.