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The coronavirus pandemic isn’t over yet, but it has cost a record number of Filipinos their jobs as our country grapples with the economic fallout. A lot of Filipinos are taking a closer look at their finances and many are trying to make their money stretch until they’re back on their feet.

Though relief packages or cash  government  subsidies could help bridge the financial gap left by unemployment and other hardships, some may still be struggling to pay their utility bills, to stock up on essential goods, to purchase a bike to get to work, or to face uncertainty about how to cover costs for their businesses.

If you’re feeling some financial stress, Robocash is still here to help you through this uncertain period. While many other lenders have tightened approval requirements, we have introduced zero-interest loans to new customers dealing with financial hardships and we only require one (1) valid ID (TIN ID, SSS ID, UMID ID, Driver’s License, or Philippine Passport) which makes the process of acquiring the loan easy, fast, and hassle-free. For our repeat borrowers, we are allowing you to get a higher loanable amount of up to Php25,000.

How to make a loan application

Robocash website landing page displays our loan amount offerings with the basic return amount information. Customers can select the desired loan amount and start filling up the application form. Loan application goes through various stages of the business process flow, commencing  loan request initiation till loan account creation and loan disbursement Pre-requisites:

– Active phone number

– Employment details

– Character references

– Selfie photo

– One (1) valid ID (Driver’s License, Philippine passport, UMID, SSS, TIN)

How to get a Robocash loan

Go to Robocash website at or download Robocash app on Google Play  and simply fill-up, choose your desired disbursement method. In less that 15 minutes, you’ll receive your loan!

For assistance call us at (02) 8876 8484, 8am to 5pm daily




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