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Robocash Virtual Engagement Activity: Online Kapehan



The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in multiple industries. As social distancing practices are encouraged, gatherings of more than 10 people are banned, and stay at home order for all non-essential employees are issued, many employers have permitted their employees to work from home.

This working arrangement may seem exciting at first, but it can lose its appeal over time, resulting in disengaged employees. And when employees are disengaged, their productivity and motivation can suffer. Hence Robocash Finance Corp. assures that all its remote employees are getting enough support with performing their tasks, from the technical side like providing the employees with their own work-from-home kit (laptop, mouse, headset, and internet modem), initiating daily coaching and leadership support to continuing the culture-building activities like engagement programs.

Employees tend to be more engaged when they feel like they are part of a team, but when they work from home, it can be hard for them to buy into that mentality. The imperative for HR leaders now is to rethink employee experience and performance strategies, planning, and management. It is their responsibility to make sure employees understand that even though they may not be in the office together, they are all be working together toward the same common goal.

With thorough brainstorming, research, and also feedback & suggestions from the Robocash employees, RFC piloted the first virtual engagement activity called Online Kapehan.

The goal of Online Kapehan is to focus on checking the well-being of RFC employees and will serve as a weekly breather through virtual rooms like Zoom and Google meet. The participants share their challenges working from home and the adjustment they make to keep up with the new normal. Everyone is encouraged to participate and talk about their point of view about their career, love, and life. There are also virtual games like fun quizzes made with Kahoot, Online Bingo, Online Karaoke, Tiktok challenges, etc. The session also consists of sharing how they live and perform the Mantra of the Day.

After the Online Kapehan sessions, participants were asked to answer a survey to get their feedback and suggestions. So far, the feedback showed great results, and most of the participants are excited for their next Online Kapehan session.

RFC understood that the mental welfare of every employee is important and it needs to be taken care of. The company believes that a happy employee will always show great results, initiative, and will always care for the company.

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