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E-Orientation for Robocash Employees Prior to Branch Reopening

In light of our response to the New Normal and the desire to limit in-person meetings, Robocash Human Resources facilitated a condensed online meeting for New Normal Employee E-Orientation prior to the reopening of first 10 branches on June 30, 2020.

Robocash considers how to best balance the return to on-site work with the health and safety of their employees and clients, while complying with a variety of guidelines from DTI and DOLE. Human Resources communicated to the employees the steps the company is taking to provide a safe and healthy workplace, employees’ obligations when the workplace reopens, such as the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), taking vitamins, and social distancing protocols. Employees understood that it may also be helpful if they can provide suggestions regarding ideas that could enhance workplace safety by tracking potential exposures and illness for example, updating the management, and addressing employee concerns.

As we proceed with the reopening of the rest of our branches, Robocash Human Resources Team is committed to stay abreast of government guidelines during this pandemic for another e-orientation and to continue to engage in this new normal interactive process to develop a combined blended learning in training and development for its employees to stay productive as well.

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