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Guide to UMID Card in the Philippines

Regular interactions with SSS, GSIS, PagIBIG, and PhilHealth are inevitable for any Filipino citizen. Even though these institutions have significant functional overlapping, each of them maintains a separate operational environment, including user identification. It necessitates the user to carry a handful of ID cards, even for routine activities. The massive expenditure on managing different systems and non-optimized human resources usage is a grave concern for the government.
The introduction of Multi-Purpose Unified ID (UMID) in the year 2010 as a standard identity card for Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG Fund was a great relief for both the Filipino and the government.

What is a UMID card?

In simple terms, the UMID card is a shared identity card for all your transactions in government-related institutions. The card carries all the cardholder’s relevant information such as name, sex, date of birth, address, photo, signature, and biometric data. UMID system uses a contactless smart chip to store all this sensitive information making tampering or data manipulation impossible.SSS is the lead agency for the implementation of UMID, and it eliminates the possibility of any chances of a duplicate or incorrect UMID card through extensive screening of each application.

When an application for a UMID card is received, the system will check the applicant’s fingerprint for any matches through a centralized biometric data matching system. If the system identifies any matching entries in its database, which contains millions of user data, it will reject the application. Such a meticulous evaluation plugs the possibilities of a duplicate UMID, even with another identity, and establishes UMID as the most trustworthy ID across the Philippines. The UMID card has lifetime validity. It relieves the user from the worries for timely renewals and fees.

The UMID card is a valid voter’s ID as well. Adding ATM features to UMID cards is possible. One can use these UMID ATM cards to withdraw his or her SSS benefits and loans through ATM facilities throughout the country. You can also learn how to withdraw from GSIS UMID card.
All these features make UMID the most powerful identity card for a Filipino to have.

How to Get a UMID Card in the Philippines?

Even though SSS is the primary agency for the implementation of UMID, other agencies are into this process of making it more streamlined and efficient.
For instance, SSS, Social Security System (SSS), is responsible for issuing UMID cards for private-sector workers, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), self-employed individuals, and non-working spouses. The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) takes care of the UMID card allocations for the public sector workers. For those who are not covered either by SSS or GSIS, PhilHealth will be the UMID distribution authority. The steps to acquire a UMID card are quite simple. You can submit the duly filled UMID application form or E6 form with supportive documents at any designated centers according to your employment category.

After verifying the documents, the assigned officer will collect your biometric information using the data capture booths configured in the facility. Since the biometric information capturing is a must for UMID, the applicant’s physical presence is essential. Hence, UMID can’t be secured through online mode. Data capture booths are available across the country through SSS branches and postal offices. Besides, there are mobile data capture services for offices, remote islands, and barangays as well. This wide distribution of data capture facilities at the country’s length and breadth makes securing UMID cards an uncomplicated and smooth endeavor for all. For OFWs, they can do the process while in the homeland or by visiting the SSS branch with a biometric capture facility at their location.

SSS will check the card for any imperfections, and if everything is accurate, it will send the UMID card through PhilPost. The delivery time can vary based on your location. If you cannot collect it in person, you can authorize someone for it by issuing an authorization letter. Once the UMID card is received, you have to activate it at the nearest SSS/GSIS office to use it. Similarly, you can add additional capabilities, such as ATM features, to the card by visiting the affiliated banks or bank counters available in the SSS office. UMID follows a First In First Out (FIFO) system of queue management for the application process. There are no speed counters or priority categories to speed the process. So beware of hoax calls that offer you a speedy UMID card for a charge.


  • Is SSS ID same as Umid?
    No, they are different. The SSS ID is no longer produced, instead UMID has been used since 2011, which combined SSS, GSIS, Pag-IBIG and PhilHealth.
  • How much is the payment for Umid ID?
    The UMID card is free for someone who receives it for the first time.
  • Where can I find Umid number?
    It can be seen on the front side of the Mcard.

UMID Card Requirements

UMID card is free of charge for first-time applicants. Below are the general eligibility criteria for UMID cards for all categories of applicants.

• SSS members with an active SSS number, valid date of coverage, and at least one month’s contribution;
• The applicant shouldn’t have been issued a UMID earlier;
• Active GSS members;
• PhilHealth members and indigent Filipinos who are not covered either by SSS or GSIS;
• A valid photo ID card;
• Duly filled UMID application form.

There will be a charge of PHP 200 for getting a duplicate card.

UMID Card Application for SSS Members

If you are an eligible SSS member, you can apply for a UMID card online by following these simple steps:

A. Visit an SSS branch with an enrollment facility.
Not all SSS branches have an enrollment facility. The list of such facilities is available on the website, so choose the one that is suitable for you.

B. Submit the duly filled UMID application with the necessary supporting documents.
The staff will check the validity of the information in their database.
The SSS number, name, date of birth, and sex in the application form must match the member’s information in the SSS database.
You should also present the original or certified copy of any primary IDs such as a passport, driver’s license, PRC ID, or seaman’s book for verification. Also, provide your email address or telephone number so that the SSS employees can contact you or provide updates whenever applicable.

C. Capture Your Biometric Information.
The SSS office will have a biometric capture booth. They will use it to collect your data, such as photos, fingerprints, and digital signatures. After this, you can verify the details by checking the prototype shown on the screen. After submission, you will receive an acknowledgment, and it can be used to track UMID delivery progress.

D. Wait for the UMID Card Delivery.
You will receive the card through PhilPost. The delivery time varies based on your location, but it rarely goes beyond 30 days from your application date.

E. How to Activate UMID Card SSS?
Do you want to know how to activate a UMID ATM card? You can activate the UMID card from the SSS kiosks at the nearby SSS branches. You can add ATM functionality to your UMID cards by converting your UMID card to a UMID-ATM card. One can do this by visiting the kiosks of the UnionBank of the Philippines (UBP) available at most SSS branches. After the conversion, you can withdraw your benefits and loan proceeds from any Bancnet ATMs or Visa-branded ATMs for international transactions.

UMID Card Application at GSIS

The steps to get a UMID card for GSIS enrolled members is almost similar to that of SSS. The steps are the following:

1. Go to any GSIS branch

GSIS branches are open from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. without any breaks, including lunch breaks.

2. Submit the UMID requirements

You can submit the fully accomplished UMID application along with the photocopies of your valid ID proofs for the enrollment officer for scrutiny.

3. Undergo ID photo and biometrics capture

The enrollment officer will take your photograph and capture your biometric information. Verify the details and make corrections if necessary.
Once everything is complete, you will get a UMID eCard Release form for claiming your UMID card.

4. Wait for updates

GSIS will update you about the status of your UMID through SMS or email. Once you receive the notification, proceed to the GSIS office where you submit the application and claim the card.

5. Claim your card

Submit the following documents to the card releasing officer to procure your card:
• UMID eCard Release Form;
• Accomplished Bank Customer Information Record (available at the GSIS branch);
• Original and photocopy of GSIS eCard, passport, or two valid government-issued IDs.
Check the card for any discrepancies and ensure that the PIN mailer is readable.

6. Activate your new GSIS UMID card.

a. Visit the nearest GSIS branch or any facility with the GSIS Wireless Activated Processing System (G-W@PS) kiosk;
b. Place the UMID card on the e-card reader and perform a fingerprint verification;
c. Once the verification is complete, you will receive a confirmation message;
d. The UMID card will become active within 72 hours.
The UMID application for Pag-IBIG members is identical to that of SSS or GISS members. Here the Pag-IBIG member has to submit his or her member’s data form, which can be downloaded from the website, as an identification document.

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Is UMID Card a Valid ID?

UMID is unique, tamper-proof, and has lifetime validity. It is the most widely accepted ID card throughout the Philippines for all types of transactions. Banks, credit corporations, and lenders such as Robocash take UMID as a valid ID. Except for the use as a proof of citizenship, UMID has wide acceptance similar to a passport. Still, getting a UMID is easier than getting a passport.

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Robocash Loan Requirements

Robocash focuses on clearing the clouds of uncertainties in getting a loan when you are in need. Our loan procedures are simple and accessible to all.
Our fully automated loan lending system enables any Filipino citizen within the age group of 21 to 70 years to secure a loan around the clock without stepping out of home.
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Robocash accepts a range of ID cards, including UMID. Our list of approved ID cards includes the following:

1. Driver’s license;
2. Philippine passport;
4. SSS ID;
5. TIN ID;
6. New Phil-health Card (PVC Type).


UMID cards are the most readily available, free of cost, valid ID cards in the Philippines. As it is a biometric identity card, you can use it for most operations. Its lifelong validity avoids any recurrent costs of renewal. UMID is a must for each Filipino to make his or her life more comfortable, productive, and rewarding.

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