How much money do you need?
10 000
Min: ₱ 1 000
Max: ₱ 10 000
You return: 10 000
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Easy Cash Loan

Even with excellent financial planning and discipline, one can’t eliminate the possibilities of financial emergencies completely. Everyone goes through different forms of the financial crisis at various stages of life. It can be arranging funds to pay your kid’s school fee, or fund a vacation, or fix a leaky roof. For the majority of Filipinos, who live a paycheck to paycheck life, such an immediate and urgent requirement for finance creates a bewildering situation.  

Banks are the primary choice for an average Filipino for his financial needs. Banks are infamous for long queues and inordinate delay of loan approval due to the vetting of several documents to assess the applicant’s repayment capacity. Even if the time frame is acceptable, things such as bad credit history, irregular income, or absence of guarantor can loom over your loan approval possibilities. 

 It means you can’t get a cash loan in the Philippines with sure approval if you take the bank route. This uncertainty encourages people to check for other alternatives, mainly lenders, to overcome their pressing financial needs. Minimal eligibility requirements, fast loan approval, and customer-centric approaches make lenders the primary choice for short term cash money loans across the Philippines. 

How much money do you need?
10 000
Min: ₱ 1 000
Max: ₱ 10 000
You return: 10 000
All your data is under secure protection!

What are Cash Loans?

“Cash loans” is an umbrella term used to represent a variety of short term loans such as Payday loans, personal loans, or Line of Credit loans, etc. These loans are an ideal solution to tide over an imminent financial crisis when all other sources of income become dry. 

Usually, the amount available through these loans will be much smaller compared with conventional mortgages or car loans. Similarly, the repayment window would be shorter from days to weeks or months but often won’t exceed 12 months. 

The significant advantages of cash loans are:

  • The eligibility criteria are minimal. No need to submit your payslips or arrange a guarantor.
  • Fast approval. The majority of the loans get approved within one day. 
  • Instant cash availability. After the loan approval, the entire amount will be transferred to your account on the same day. 
  • Good credit history or a valid bank account is not mandatory.
  • You can use the money for any purpose, no questions are asked. 

Even though the Philippines has a high internet penetration levels, cash payments still dominate the market. It necessitates people to carry currency whenever they perform purchases or payments. It limits their ability to explore the possibilities of credit card payments or other digital payment features, such as pre-planning their payment schedules or accumulation of reward points. The dire necessity of printed cash for day to day activities and easy availability makes “Cash loans” the most popular financial product throughout the Philippines. 

Where can I borrow money fast in the Philippines?

We recommend Robocash for a easy cash loan. Here every Filipino can get a loan. Robocash, a legit financial institution that operates with a state license, is the most popular destination for an average Filipino for his financial requirements. Their innovative financial products, implementation of cutting edge technical adaptations, and customer-centric approaches make them the most dependable and trustworthy lender across the Philippines. With a well-established network of many branches across the country and a complete online portal that works 24/7, Robocash makes instant cash loans accessible to all. 

Robocash online portal or mobile app enables anyone with an Internet connection to get a cash loan within a few minutes. So whenever a crisis knocks, our easy cash loan online privileges one to get the essential monetary support from anywhere, anytime with minimal procedures. For those who are not comfortable with these online processes, Robocash brick-and-mortar branches will be of great help. Friendly, competent, and customer-focused staff will walk you through the loan application and approval process in a hassle-free way.

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How can I get a 5000 instant loan?

Robocash offers short term loans ranging from PHP 1,000 to PHP 25,000. For first time borrowers, the maximum limit is PHP 10,000, and the loan period is 5-15 days. 

Once you clear your loans properly, your credit limit will get automatic enhancements up to PHP 25,000. For such repeat customers, the loan period would be 5-30 days. The daily interest rate for the loans is 1.5%. For new clients there is now an attractive offer – a 0% loan.

Easy loan to Robocash without a bank account

Robocash provides maximum flexibility for the borrower. Сredit calculator application gives accurate information about the interest and repayments for each loan amount and term combination. It allows the borrower to make informed choices about the loan amount and term, based on his financial health. 

The loan is available for people with credit rating errors, members of multi-children families, freelancers, working students from 21 years and working pensioners up to 70 years. 

Robocash uses the most advanced robot to automate the loan application and disbursement process. The robot performs scrutiny for each application and makes decisions objectively, within a few minutes. The robot will automatically initiate the transfer of approved loans to the specified account as well. If the borrower lacks a valid bank account, the system will make necessary arrangements so that the user can collect the money from designated points without any further delay. Similarly, you can get a cash loan without a credit card from Robocash.

What is the best online loan in Philippines?

We are sure that this is Robocash. Why do people choose Robocash?

Let’s name the most obvious advantages that attract  borrowers of Robocash.

  • 95% loan approval;
  • Fully automated online loan approval system;
  • Exclusion of human factor and biasing;
  • Acception of applications 24 hours a day, seven days a week;
  • Faster loan processing, often in minutes;
  • Ability to re-submit the application, if rejected;
  • Prepayment of debt is possible;
  • Charges only for the used amount.

You can see that this is one of the few online loan companies in the Philippines that has all these advantages.

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Benefits of Online Cash Loans 

  1. The single most advantage of online cash loans is its continuous availability. You can get your loans processed on weekends or at midnight or even while traveling without stepping outside your comforts. 
  2. Such an automated and easy online loan system eliminates human interventions. Hence you need not bother about your strained relationship with the banker. 
  3. Online cash loans avoid your physical presence during loan processing. Apart from easy loan in the Philippines availability, it avoids traveling expenses, saves time, and prevents the loss of workdays or income. 
  4. The process doesn’t require any hard copies of the documents, and it makes the application process quite smooth and straightforward. 
  5. People with disabilities or the elderly population use these online cash loans as they give easy cash loan in the Philippines without any physical exertion. 
  6. The system checks the data and approves the loan within a few minutes and transfer the fund automatically. So you get the emergency loan to tide over the crisis without any waiting, and it relieves undue stress. 

The easy loan application process, efficient tracking, and easy loan approval in the Philippines make online cash loans quite popular among Filipinos of different backgrounds and age groups. 

How can I get instant cash loan?

All Filipino citizens within the age group of 21-70 years are eligible for short term cash loans. Age requirements may vary a little from one loan company to another. Here’s what else you’ll need for an easy cash loan: 

  1. Submission of government-approved identity proof  (ID) is the essential requirement for any loan application. 
  2. A valid and working mobile connection is a must for every applicant. 
  3. The applicant should have a user account with the portal or website.
  4. Additional documents such as payslip, COE, ITR, company ID, DTI (if self-employed or with business) will benefit for easy approval and enhancement of credit limits. 

For repeat borrowers with no history non-payment, no documents are required. Unless there is any requirement for additional verification, your UID alone will fetch a new loan. 

Cash Loan without a Bank Account

There is a common perception that a bank account is essential for one to get a loan. Such a deep-rooted misconception often forces people from vulnerable backgrounds to depend on illegal or non-licensed lenders for their financial needs. These lenders do not follow government regulations and charge exorbitant interest rates and service charges. It makes the life of the borrower miserable and pushes him to the debt trap. 

But in reality, cash loans with no bank account are possible. If you get your loan approved and don’t have an account, the system will give you a unique identification number. You can walk into any of the designated cash points and get the money by submitting the token. 

Easy Cash Loan without Collateral

The primary purpose of cash loans is the mitigation of a financial emergency. Improving your credit score, arranging a guarantor, or providing collateral security within such a short span is not practical. Realizing the scenario, most short-term loan providers don’t take an adamant stand about collateral security. The majority doesn’t require any collateral security, guarantor, or credit card to approve a cash loan. Faster availability and reduced documentation requirements make cash loans with no collateral securities one of the most readily available financial solutions for millions across the Philippines. 


Short term loans are quick and easy. But are relatively expensive than other categories of loans. So these loans are to be reserved for emergencies only. The law empowers licensed lenders to adopt legal recourse against borrowers who fails to follow the agreements. So going away with the loan conditions or defaulting of loan payment schedule can have ramifications in the future. 

The cash loans are your best buddies during difficult times, especially when all your financial support systems are unavailable. But it is not a replacement for a proper long term financial plan. 

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